The beginning of the Kidday’s story dates back to the childhood of two friends, both of whom lost part of their childhood memories. The Shamil family faced great sadness when his father died and many childhood memories therefore disappeared with him. For Juho, some of his childhood memories disappeared in a big fire.

Kidday founders Juho Nieminen and Shamil SeifullaKidday’s founders Juho Nieminen and Shamil Seifulla

Childhood is the foundation of all life. Childhood determines who you are and where you come from. It is said that as a parent your ordinary everyday life is the unique childhood of your child. Kidday is founded just to keep your child’s most important moments in saved. Your child can return to them later in life and gain experience of how important he has been to her/his parents and loved ones. This experience of love carries the end of the child’s life. Your child can also later share memories with her/his children when she/he has been a child.

Juho and Shamil were very sad about losing their own memories and therefore wanted to make it possible for all children and parents to digitally store these memories to keep them alive for life. Without Kidday these important memories just disappear into many phones and endless message threads. Nothing archives properly.

Kidday also creates the opportunity to share memories with important loved ones. Kidday makes it safe because the parent can decide for themselves where their children are going to share. The images cannot be accessed by anyone outside. It is also possible to have these memories in the future in a awesome photo book that you can watch as a family.

Shamil has a small child whose life he can save through Kidday and thus leave his child a valuable thing for his future – the childhood of a living memory.

Give your child a valuable gift and save your memories in Kidday!

Shamil Seifulla and Juho Nieminen
The founders of Kidday

Kidday’s core team

Juho Nieminen

CEO, Co-founder

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Shamil Seifulla

CFO, Co-founder

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Timsa Uotila

CTO, lead developer

Teemu Juvonen

Software developer

Simo Maunula

Software developer

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Software developer

Paavo Hemmo

Software developer

Juha Aalto

Graphic designer