When you have your first baby everything is new and you want to save all the first moments and memories to somewhere where you can find those and watch those moments again.

Before we had our boy, we did get a few baby books where you can save those precious moments. Quickly we noticed that we didn’t have any time to fill those books. Some of the first moments doesn’t happen at home, where the baby books are, so pretty often you don’t remember to fill up anymore. Many of my friends said that with first child you remember to fill baby books better but after second and third you won’t do it anymore.

With help of Kidday you don’t have this problem anymore because you have always your phone with you and you can save those moments immediately to Kidday. With Kidday you can also share the moments with your loved ones at the same time. Kidday saves time because you don’t need to send pictures to many different message groups. All the moments are saved in Kidday.

Shamil Seifulla, Kidday’s founder