Does it feel like photos and important moments of your child’s growth are lost in several phones and cloud storages? You may have to share pictures into endless WhatsApp discussions. You may have thought that this can’t be the best way to store unique memories of your child.

We are solving this problem with super easy mobile kid book. With Kidday those important memories are stored in one safe place. You can choose if and how Kidday shares those memories with loved ones automaticly. They can like and comment events and be part of your child’s stories. Kidday is always with you in your mobile phone.

Kidday can store different measurements of growth too – like height, weight, foot size… If you wish so, this information can be shared with your child’s invited followers. This way grandparents and godparents know how to choose right size clothes as presents 🙂

Kidday is developing fast and we are bringing videos to the app during this autumn. Kidday can also be connected to share moments between daycare and parents.

Start using Kidday for free!