We’ve released new features for Kidday that make it even more easier to use Kidday. Here are the latest features listed:

  1. Share to Kidday. You can now share photos directly from your phone gallery to Kidday. Especially when you want to capture old photos of Kidday, this new feature makes it faster.
  2. Child’s followers. You’ll see the other child’s followers with the new button at the bottom of child’s profile page. This is how you can see who else is following the child’s life with Kidday.
  3. Shared contacts. We’ve added to your profile settings the ability to share your own address information with your closed Kidday network. When you share your contact information other loved ones will easily get your mailing address for postcards and gifts.
  4. Time filtering to add an event. When you add a new event photo, you can use the calendar at the top of the page to retrieve images from a particular month. It speeds up the search for the right image.
  5. Albums. We’ve created a list of different albums where you can add the events. You can view these albums in the right-hand tab of the timeline. We are also developing the ability to add our own albums to Kidday.
  6. Timeline grid view. Use the new grid of the timeline to quickly navigate your events.
  7. New notification center. We have developed the notifications sent by Kidday and now they work much faster and better. We are also developing a setting page that allows you to control more accurately the notifications.
  8. Recommend Kidday. Tell your friends about Kidday directly through the referral feature found on the application setup page. This feature shares the Kidday installation link with your friends.
  9. Up button. Note the up button on the timeline to quickly get back to the beginning of the timeline.
  10. Hiding the child menu. We’ve built a feature to hide the child menu and get more room for the timeline browsing.