The Finnish startup company Kidday has released its mobile application for families with children last fall and now Kidday has users in more than 10 countries. Kidday’s founders are challenging social media king Facebook.

“We believe that children’s childhood memories will only be buried in an endless bitstream. When the child is older, the parent does not have a clear memory archive to give to the child. This is very sad.”

Juho Nieminen, Kidday’s founder and ceo

Kidday was founded by two friends from Hämeenlinna Juho Nieminen and Shamil Seifulla. Both founders had an unlucky youth when it comes to their own childhood memories. Kidday was born based on these experiences and everyday observations.

The everyday life with children is busy and the time spent with children is recorded on numerous phones, social media and shared with endless WhatsApp threads. Nothing is properly archived and the use of public social media to share children’s pictures is not the safest option. Kidday provides an easy and safe solution for parents to save and share their child’s precious moments with loved ones.

Kidday is at the beginning of its growth but the service has already been
downloaded in 10 countries. Numerous parents rely on Kidday for
recording their children’s memories. Kidday’s goal is achieve
a significant market position for families with children over
the next three years.