Frequently asked questions

Why should you use Kidday?

Currently you might have pictures and videos spread in different applications on multiple devices. In addition, a lot of child-related information is still on paper. With Kidday you can store all child-related information in one safe place.

Sharing pictures can be tedious and difficult, when some of your contacts are using WhatsApp, some prefer email and some would like to have printed photos. None of these methods is directly meant for archive. With Kidday you can share pictures with one app and it’s made for archiving information for the long term. It provides a possibility to truly pass those precious moments on to your child when the time comes.

Kidday provides:

  • Security and orderliness
  • Ease of use and time saving
  • Long-term archive
  • A social way to cherish your child’s growth with loved ones

How does Kidday work?

As a parent you create your child’s profile. After this you can store moments, which can include pictures and videos, to your child’s timeline. You can also publish growth graphs of your child to the timeline. As a parent you can invite family members or close friends to follow your child’s protected timeline. Followers can like and comment events on timeline. This way reactions and memories from loved ones of your child’s unforgettable moments will be saved.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Kidday has many other features that you should familiarize yourself with using the app itself. More features are being developed all the time!

What does using Kidday cost?

Kidday’s basic features are completely free! We are developing a premium version of Kidday, in which a lot of useful additional features can be used for just a few euros a month.

For what operating systems is Kidday suitable?

Kidday requires a smartphone or a tablet to work. Kidday is available for download for Android and Apple iOS-systems. Kidday is primary built for smartphones, but we are working on tablet and browser versions.

Where do we store the information?

Kidday stores information into backed up and safe cloud storage. That particular storage is used by countless organizations who deal with confidential information. Kidday’s storage system guarantees that information will be preserved even if your phone is lost or broken. If that’s the case, just log in with new device and your information will be accessible right away.

Do we hand over child’s information to third parties?

We created Kidday to improve the safety of children and families with children. We will not hand over any personal information to third parties. Only you as a parent are in control of the information.

Who sees information about my child in Kidday?

Kidday is built so, that as a parent you can set the visibility of stored information. Kidday lets you invite people close to you to follow your child’s events on a private timeline. Visibility of the events posted on the timeline is driven by follower invitations, follower user rights and an event-specific visibility setting.

Who provides Kidday service?

Kidday is a service and a trademark of the Finnish company Muntius Ltd. The company headquarters are located in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Kidday is created by two friends, Shamil Seifulla and Juho Nieminen. The idea for the app comes from realizing that sharing your child’s photos and keeping them organized at the same time is hard work.

The main owners of the company are founders Juho Nieminen and Shamil Seifulla. In addition, the company has many angel investors.

How can I influence the development of Kidday?

Kidday is developed by six-person developer team. Our team’s know-how is top level and we are publishing several new fixes and additional features to improve usability.

We hope you share your ideas and give us feedback to improve Kidday. You can contact us personally or use our customer service email support@muntius.com

How can I invest in the company behind Kidday?

Kidday provides great growth potential and we do have a significant group of investors. We are very interested in new owners so now is your time to act.

For more information, contact CEO Juho Nieminen.