“When our baby was born, it changed our lives. Having a baby in an ever-digitalizing world is leading to challenges. Keeping all your child’s info in one place, sharing the info all safely is problematic and almost impossible! Added to the information overload from the internet – even before the baby is born is also a challenge. You don’t know what information to trust.”Shamil Seifulla, co-founder of Kidday

Shamil and his business friend Juho Nieminen decided to solve this problem and they founded Kidday. Kidday is a Finnish innovation and ecosystem for families to handle many everyday tasks in one safe app.

Juho Nieminen

CEO, Co-founder

+358 50 338 5016,

Shamil Seifulla

CFO, Co-founder

+358 50 500 5559,

Minna Tarkkala


+358 40 687 4480,

Timsa Uotila

CTO, lead developer

Teemu Juvonen

Software developer

Simo Maunula

Software developer

Bachir Khiati

Software developer

Paavo Hemmo

Software developer

Juha Aalto

Graphic designer